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Fragrance and Essential Oils

Fragrance and Essential Oils

Our fragrance (chemical/synthetic oils) and essential(oils directly from a plant source)are pure and undiluted. They have a strong and clean fragrance. You can use them for massage, to fragrance potpourri, soap or candles. They also add wonderful fragrance to your home, car or office. Patchouli oil will repel moths, 'Tis said Rosemary Oil will help your hair to grow, Lavender oil will help you sleep, Euclayptus oil is great in a vaporizer, citonella oil will keep the bugs away, plus lots of other uses. THE OILS MARKED WITH A "*" ARE ESSENTIAL.
apple, apple blossom, balsam*, bayberry, bergamot,
 cedar*, cinnamon*, citronella*,citrus potpourri, clove*, cranberry,
eucalyptus*, floral bouquet, frangipani, frankincense,
gardenia, geranium, ginger*,
holiday pine, hollyberry, honeysuckle, hyacinth,
lavender*, lemon grass*, lemon verbena, lilac, lily of the valley,
musk, myrrh, narcissus, new mown hay,
orange blossom, sweet orange*,
patchouli*,peach, peppermint*, pine*, poppy, 
raspberry, romance (sweet), rose geranium, old rose, tea rose, rosemary*,
sandlewood, spicy, strawberry,tea tree*, vanilla, violet, ylang ylang

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