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Bulk Dry Herb Botanical - Product Image
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Bulk Dry Herb Botanical

Great Selection of Bulk Herbs, in our commuting area it is known that if we don't have you normally aren't going to find it anywhere else. We buy organic, certified organic as much as possible.  

1. Select the herb you want
2. Type in a quantity for the number of ounces of this herb you want
(16 ounces = 1 pound)
(1 ounce = 28 grams)
3. Click on the "add" button to place it in your shopping cart.

KEY grd - powder wle, lve - leaves, C - Culinary use
d - natural dye, i - insecticide, m - medicinal
p - pot pourri, crafts, t - toiletries, cosmetics

Price: $0.00 

Herbal Moth Mixture - Product Image
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Herbal Moth Mixture

A charmed concoction of aromatic herbs and spices to effectively repel moths from your stored goods. Comes in two muslin bags ready to add to your chest, storage bin or closet. 
Price: $7.00 

DIY Elder Berry Syrup - Product Image
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DIY Elder Berry Syrup

Be Healthy! This easy to make syrup is perfect for keeping your immune system happy and strong all year round but particularly during the wintertime. And the best part...it tastes great! The recipe and all the herbal ingredients are included to make 8 oz of syrup. You will need to supply water and honey. We also have a book all about Elder: lore, growing, using, and more. It is a fascinating herb and so useful!
Price: $12.00 

Refill Elder Kits - Product Image
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Refill Elder Kits

Elderberry Syrup Refills Contains: Elderberries Cinnamon Cloves Ginger.  Packaged in a plastic bag with limited instructions.  Simmer in 2 C of water for 40 minutes and add 1 C of honey. 
Price: $10.50