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Susanna is the purveyor of the timeless magic of herbs at The Rosemary House


Herb Professional
Clinical Herbalist
Down Home Herbalist
Herb Lecturer

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Programs and Lectures:

  • Herbs with Confidence: An overview of herbs
  • Planning & Planting an Herb Garden: power point+
  • Native American Herbs
  • Herbs of the Bible
  • Please Do eat the Daisies (edible flowers)
  • Folksy Home Remedies and Kitchen Cosmetics
  • Herbs of the Civil War
  • Medieval Herbs
  • Garlic and other Herbs of the Halloween Season
  • Sweet Pea Fairy presents: Herbs of the Fairy Folk
  • A Scent-imental Journey: Victorian Language of Flowers

Medicinal Herb Programs and Lectures:

  • Do yourself a Flavor – Eat your Parsley
  • Herbs for Cold and Flu
  • Herbs for Woman’s Health
  • Growing Medicinal Herbs
  • Basic Introduction to Medicinal Herbs
  • Herbs for Stress
  • Herbs for a Healthy Heart
  • Herbs for Digestion
  • Making your own Herbal Medicine


Special Events
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Weed Walks:
Your place or mine? Learn what’s available in the wild,what is useful and what’s not. Includes a weed walk beverage.  Limited to 25. May – October. 1- 2 hours.


“We had a wonderful response to the evaluation and received all favorable and positive comments. “~Gardens at Gantz Farm, OH

“You expanded our Herbal Horizons!”~Long Island Herb Society of America

“Just wanted to tell you that you were sensational at our dinner last week. You got rave reviews.”~Harrisburg Seniors

“What a delight your visit was. We had so many expressions of enjoyment from the guests.”~Miles Historical Society