Susanna and David


Herb Professional*Clinical Herbalist*Down Home Herbalist*Consultant*Enthusiast*Teacher

Susanna Reppert-Brill, the youngest of her four girls and husband David Brill operate The Rosemary House. Susanna grew up living and knowing the herb business and gardens with her mother. Susanna came to The Rosemary House everyday after school where she had a little desk for her crayons, papers and homework. She would listen to her mother answer endless questions and absorbed the herbal knowledge along with her milk and cookies. Eventually she worked after school and on Saturdays always willing to join in the herbal fun her mom created. After graduating from Penn State University she became manager of The Rosemary House. Susanna has continued to develop her herbal knowledge of all the amazing and practical uses of plants.

Susanna is available as a guest speaker

She has also completed a Herbal Medicine course at David Winston’s Herbal Therapeutics School of Botanical Medicine. Susanna attended this herbal training due to the increasing number of questions on the medicinal use of herbs she was receiving as the manager of The Rosemary House. With now close to 4 decades in the herbal business, Susanna’s love of herbs and their many uses shines through. Susanna is the secondary practitioner at The Rosemary House. She is the one most likely to answer your “quick question” on the phone or in the store but is also available for appointments for full personal consultation. Susanna is a sixth generation herbalist dating back to a German Herb Doctor, who worked in Poland, and will now be passing her knowledge onto the seventh generation, her son  Cedar and daughter Angelica.


David Brill joined the family and quickly joined the herbal fun. He has also completed the 500 hours of training in the Herbal Therapeutics School of Botanical Medicine with Susanna. In addition to this course, he has gone on to complete studies at Wellspring Center of Natural Healing. David Brill is now the primary consulting herbalist at The Rosemary House and is available for consultations. In addition to these duties he also consults for clients for Pinnacle HealthcareSystems, WellQuest Program in addition to providing medicinal herb answers as a Cyberherbalist at one of the Internets largest herbal website, HerbWorld/HerbNet. David truly wants to enable people to return to a healthy state. He wishes to hear all their concerns to better set goals and get to the core of their issues, rather than only treating their symptoms. David believes treating people not just disease is the key to success. He will spend as much time as necessary listening to his clients and reaching as deep as possible to find the first link in the causative chain of events leading to their issues.

David has attained a certificate in Clinical Herbalism from The Herbal Therapeutics School of Botanical Medicine in Washington, New Jersey. Completing 500 hours of study in a two (2) year course, taught by David Winston who is a Professional member of the American Herbalist Guild, AHG. David Brill has also completed studies at the Wellspring Center of Natural Healing with clinical herbalist Chanchal Cabrera, NIMH and Professional member of AHG. A member of AHG himself, David’s background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. He has continued his collegiate studies completing all of the Pre-MED coursework required for application to medical school (this coursework included anatomy and physiology, microbiology, botany, zoology, biomedical engineering, general and organic chemistry along with a course on prescription drugs). David has also studied emergency medicine and maintains a certificate for Red Cross CPR.

The Entire Family is involved in The Rosemary House enterprise
Susanna manages The Rosemary House. David is the herbal consultant .
Nancy owns Sweet Remembrances Tea Room
Marjorie owns Rosemary Remembrances II in Jim Thorpe, PA.
Carolynn & Phil help with The Rosemary House projects
The Next Generation of Herbalists