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Loose Leaf Tea Ball 3 inch - Product Image
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Loose Leaf Tea Ball 3 inch

3 inch mesh tea ball for making a wonderful cup of loose leaf tea. Pretty little teapot or teacup bauble on the end acts as a counter weight and keeps the strainer from falling into the cup or pot.
Price: $6.50 


Loose Leaf Tea

2 oz bags of quality loose leaf tea, larger sizes are available.
Price: $7.75 

Coffee/teapot Cookie Cutters - Product Image
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Coffee/teapot Cookie Cutters

Set of cookie cutters, perfect for your next tea party. Tin Box fpr storage
Price: $11.00 

Herbal Cookie Mixes - Product Image
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Herbal Cookie Mixes

Delicious and easy to make are our herbal cookie mixes. Vanilla Rosemary is the favorite and is delicately flavored with rosemary. Chocolate spearmint is also yummy and is a soft cookie (like a brownie). It simply takes an egg, some oil and water to make 6 dozen cookies. As an added bonus you can freeze the cookies. There are also directions to make a cake, too.
Price: $5.75 

Harney & Sons Loose Leaf Tea - Product Image
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Harney & Sons Loose Leaf Tea

We are proud to carry these quality Loose Leaf Teas from Harney and Sons, Master Tea Blender in CT. This elegant black tin comes with 4 oz of loose leaf tea. Hot Cinnamon spice tastes like cinnamon red hot candy, Peaches and Ginger is a classic flavor combo, Citron Green is a delightful blend for any green tea drinker but we find new green tea drinkers love it instantly.
Price: $10.25 

Wicker Basket Tea Strainer - Product Image
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Wicker Basket Tea Strainer

Susanna loves this basket strainer for the large leaf herb teas. It does not flavor the teas like some of the metal strainers will do and It is very easy to empty out to use over and over. Must dry out throughly before it is put away.
Price: $5.25 

Tea sock Cloth strainer - Product Image
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Tea sock Cloth strainer

This is Nancy's favorite tea strainer. Readily strains all sizes of tea leaves from fine to coarse. Easy to clean simply rinse (no soap) and hang to dry. Some folks prefer to have a different strainer for the black, green and herbal teas. YOU WILL LOVE THIS STRAINER!
Price: $8.25 

Our own Herbal Teas/ Tisanes - Product Image
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Our own Herbal Teas/ Tisanes

We make these delicious teas at The Rosemary House. All packages are 1 oz and all are herb teas only and are caffiene free.

  • Tranquilla Tea: Peppermint, Rosemary and Sage, a favorite!
  • Relaxing Tea: It really works!  Lots of herbs: passion flower, skullcap, chamomile, valerian, and more.  Tasty and you will sleep all night.
  • Shakespearean Tea: the herbs and flowers mention in the writings
  • Pot pourri Tea: colorful and flavorful flowers
  • Love Tea; a scentimental journey for weddings, showers and anniversaries
  • Forever Yours Tea: 3 recipes for a rosey red tea
  • Lemon Tea: light flavorful taste with the lemons: balm, grass, verbena
  • Triplemint Tea: a minty treat
  • Tripleberry Tea: just for fun

Price: $4.25 

Tea pot cookie cutters - Product Image
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Tea pot cookie cutters

These are the perfect size for cookies or to make tea sandwiches! We have searched and searched for these and are thrilled to be able to share them with you! The largest is 3 1/2 inches then a 3 inch cutter and the smallest is 2 1/2 inches. Three cutters in a protective tin can.
Price: $11.00 

Wrap Around Tea Cozy - Product Image
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Wrap Around Tea Cozy

This style of cozy snuggles your tea pot and will keep your tea warm for hours! Locally made. They fit 3-4 C tea pots and larger 5-6 cup tea pots as well. We have a large variety of colors and patterns. Let us know what color you are looking for and we will hook you up! (Tea pot not included)
Price: $25.50 
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