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Our own Herbal Teas/ Tisanes

Our own Herbal Teas/ Tisanes

We make these delicious teas at The Rosemary House. All packages are 1 oz and all are herb teas only and are caffiene free.

  • Tranquilla Tea: Peppermint, Rosemary and Sage, a favorite!
  • Relaxing Tea: It really works!  Lots of herbs: passion flower, skullcap, chamomile, valerian, and more.  Tasty and you will sleep all night.
  • Shakespearean Tea: the herbs and flowers mention in the writings
  • Pot pourri Tea: colorful and flavorful flowers
  • Love Tea; a scentimental journey for weddings, showers and anniversaries
  • Forever Yours Tea: 3 recipes for a rosey red tea
  • Lemon Tea: light flavorful taste with the lemons: balm, grass, verbena
  • Triplemint Tea: a minty treat
  • Tripleberry Tea: just for fun

Price: $4.25