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Live Plants



These are live plants, some rare and exotic. They are ONLY available from April until the beginning of June. They are shipped on Tuesdays or Wednesdays of the week to ensure the plants are recieved at your house for weekend planting. We have been shipping plants for over 20 years and have had very little problem.

1. Select the herb name of the plant you want
2. Type in a quantity of plants you want
3. Click on the "add" button to place it in your shopping cart.

  • Aloe (Aloe barbadensis) - succulent, TP, to 1' or more, S or SH, "the burn plant", useful houseplant
  • Alpine Strawberries (Fragaria semperflorens)-P, S, to 1', good edging, fruits from June to Nov.
  • Angelica (A. archangelica)- B, SSH, to l0', the herb of the angels, handsome, grows anywhere! ($4.00)
  • Aztec Sweet herb (Lippia dulcis) - TP, S, to 6",very sweet scented and flavored, trailing foliage 
  • Basil, lemon (O. basilicum 'citriodorum')- A, S, to 1', lemon flavored, great with fish
  • Basil, Sweet large leaf (O. basilicum )-A, S, to 1', repels flies,large leaves,used in pesto
  • Basil, African Blue - taller and more tolerant of frost in the fall 
  • Basil, purple (O. basilicum 'Purpurascens)-A, S, to l', large red leaves, ornamental and edible
  • Basil, spicy globe (O. basilicum "spicy globe")-A, S, to l', our favorite, small leaved, round
  • Basil, Holy or Tulsi - A, S, to 1 foot,  excellent for anxiety and tea 
  • Bay (Laurus nobilis)- P, SSH, to 5' or more, tender in northern climates, excellent tub plant, and house plant,a great addition to the herb garden,pluck the leaves for cooking ($9.50)
  • Bergamot (Monarda didyma)- P, SSH or S, to 2', bee plant, tea, attracts butterflies, and , hummingbirds, We sell only the Native American red.
  • Borage (Borago Off)-A, S, to 2', furry leaves, cucumber flavor, enjoy in salads, stews, soups
  • Catnip (Nepeta cataria)-P, S, to 3', gray foliage mint, robust tea, tonic for kitty, crafts
  • Celandine (Chelidonium majus)-A, SSH, to 3', stems exude orange dye, medicinal, hardy
  • Chamomile, German (Matricaria recutila)-A, S, to 1', self sows,as useful as Roman variety
  • Chamomile, Roman (Chamaemelum nobilis)-P, S, to l', incredibly useful, sedative, tea, fungicide, astringent, dye plant, petite white daisy-like flowers, edgings, ground cover
  • Chives (Allium schoenoprasum)-P, S, to 2', delicate onion flavor, pretty purple blossoms Chives, garlic (Allium tuburosum)-P, S, to 18", bee plant, white blossoms in fall, seasonings, crafts
  • Comfrey (Symphytum off.)-P, S or SSH, to 5', every garden needs comfrey, mulch, fertilizer, medicinal, too. (valuable informational brochure on comfey available with recipes $2.00 extra)
  • Costmary (Chrysanthemum balsamita)-P, S, to 2', "Bible leaf", edible, tea, insecticide
  • Curry (Helichrysum augustifolium)- TP, S, to 1', grey silver foliage, yellow button blooms, curry-like taste, moth repellent, pot pourri , Dwarf Curry also availablet, rare
  • Echinacea (Echincea purpurea)-P, S, to 3', "coneflower", medicinal, beautiful, crafts, native
  • Egyptian Onions (Allium cepa)-P, S, to 3', stems and bulb edible, mild flavor, exotic top-setting,bulbs $1.00
  • Florentina Iris, (Orris Root) $5.00
  • Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)-A, sometimes P, S, to 5', feathery leaves, the fish herb,tea
  • Fennel, bronze (Foeniculum vulgare dulce 'Rubrum')- great bronze-red lacy foliage, same anise flavor and use
  • Goutweed (Aegopodium podagaria)-P,SSH, to 1',silver-edged,GREAT for nosegays, shade ground cover
  • Ginger Root (Asarum canadense)-P, SH,to 1',excellent ground cover, native, edible root
  • European Ginger Root (Asarum european) P, SSH, to 1', shiny leaved European variety, pretty, edible
  • Hops Vine (Humulus lupulus)-P, S, to100', strong and vigorous, will cover an arbour quickly, ours shades the south side of our greenhouse for summer use,the chartreuse (stobiles) flowers are delightful in herb bouquets, wreaths, for sedative tea, beer,and/or breadmaking. Also a great hair conditioner ($4.00)
  • Horehound (Marrubium vulgare)-P, S, to 3', used to make cough candies, coarse leaves
  • Horsetail (Equiseteum hyemale) - P, SSH, to 4', likes moist soil, natural fungicide and sand paper
  • Hyssop (Hyssopus off.)-P, S, to 2', purple spiked flowers, medicinal, crafts, seasoning, tea
  • Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris)-P, S, to 1', enchanting clumps of dew dressed leaves shaped like a pleated cape, medicinal, crafts
  • Lamb's Ears (Stachys byzantina)-P, S, to 1', felted gray leaves, edging plant, crafts,band-aids ,
  • Lavender, fernleaf (Lavendula multifida)-TP, S, to 3', deep cut foliage, sandy well-limed soil
  • Lavender, Lady (Lavandula angustifolia) - P, S, to 3', blooms the first year it is planted.
  • Lavender, munstead (L. augustifolia 'munstead')-P, S, to 2', fragrant, compact, well-limed soil, nice for pot culture
  • Lavender, grosso (L. intermedia 'Grosso')-P, S, to 3',most fragrant of all varieties, deep violet flowers
  • Lavender, provence, (l. intermedia, 'provence') P, S, to 3 ' very fragrant
  • Lemon Balm (Melissa off.)-P, SSH, to 3', tea, fragrance, bee plant, seasoning, keep clipped
  • Lemon Grass (Cymbopogan citratus) - TP, S, to 6', aromatic clumps, fragrant tea, ($4.00)
  • Lemon Verbena (Aloysia triphylla)-TP, S, to 5', strongest lemony fragrance,easy fast growing, drops its leaves for periodic dormancy, (not dead!), tea, pot pourri, a "must have" ($4,00)
  • Lovage (Levisticum off.)-P, S, to 5', strong celery taste, fragrant, medicinal root
  • Marigold, Pot (Calendula off.)-A, S, to 1', sunny daisy-like flowers, medicinal, dye plant, tea
  • Marjoram (Origanum marjorana)-P, S, to 3', purple flowers for crafts, edible leaves, hardy
  • Mint, apple (Mentha suaveolens)-P, S, to 4', furry apple green leaves, tea
  • Mint, corsican (M. requienii)-P, S, to 2", smallest and strongest, use to make creme de menthe
  • Mint, curly (M. aquatica"crispata")-P, S, to 2', attractive garnish, use lavishly
  • Mint, orange (M.aquatica “strata’)-P, S, to 2", extremely fragrant, dark leaves, delicious
  • Mint, peppermint (M. x piperita)-P, S or SSH, to 2', excellent for tea, wreaths, flavorings
  • Mint, pineapple (M.suaveoleans var)-P, S, to 2', a fruity mint, distinctly pineapple, varigated
  • Mint, spearmint (M. spicata)-P, S, to 3', for juleps and vinegars, lovely purple flowers for crafts
  • Mint, Chocolate or Ginger or "The Best" or Varigated Peppermint are also available.
  • Oregano (Origanum vulgare)-TP, S, to 1', strong seasoning, pizza herb
  • Patchouli (Pogostemon patchouli) - TP, S, to 2', very tender, dried leaves have distinctive fragrance ($4.00)
  • Pennyroyal, English (Mentha pulegium)-P, S, to 1', low growing, sprawling, tea, flea repellent
  • Periwinkle (Vinca minor)-P, SSH, to 2', a rare and beautiful variety that is seldom seen. " The sorcerer's violet". Said to have been used in alchemy. Purple flowers to melt your heart. Ground cover for sun. ( special 6/$6.00 unpotted).
  • Rosemary (Rosmarinus off.)-TP, S, to 3', common rosemary, the easiest to grow, loves being misted, requires cool sun in the winter and sharp drainage, seasoning, medicinal, cosmetic, pine fragrance,
  • Rosemary, prostrate (R. off. "prostratus")-TP, S, to 2', makes an excellent hanging basket, trailing
  • Rosemary, Aarp ( R. off 'Aarp') - S, to 2' Perennial to Zone 5 culinary, upright
  • Rosemary, Golden Rain (R. off 'Golden Rain') - TP, S to 2' Beautiful upright with golden tones Rosemary varieties: 
  • Sage (Salvia off.)-P, S, to 4', large leaved bush, pebbled gray leaves, medicinal, seasoning
  • Sage (Salvia off 'Berggarten') - P, S, to 12". culinary, stronger flavor, large leaves conditions well for bouquets
  • Sage, Mexican (S.off Leucantha)-TP, S, to 4', velvetly purple spikes for herb wreaths, hummingbird flower
  • Sage, pineapple (Salvia elegans)-TP, S, to 5', not hardy in PA but deliciously fragrant, showy red flowers in fall
  • Sage, White, (S. Apiana) - P or TP, S, to 2', used for ceremony, smudging and incense. 
  • Savory, winter (S.montana)-P, S, to 1', woody foliage, hardy,harvest all year, use as summer savory
  • STEVIA, (Stevia rebaudina) – TP, S to 2’, 300 times sweeter than sugar! Amazing!. .
  • Tansy, plain (Tanacetum vulgare)- P, S, to 3', yellow button flowers, showy, pungent, vigorous
  • Tarragon, true French (Artemisia dracunculus var.sativa)-P,S to 1 1/2',licorice flavor,vinegars, sauces
  • Thyme, garden (Thymus vulgaris)-P, S, to 1' seasoning, medicinal, pungent, "English"
  • Thyme, golden lemon (T.citrodorus "Aureus")-P,S, to 6",golden foliage, lemon flavor
  • Thyme, silver (T. x ctriodorius "Argentus") P, S, to 1', most beautiful, variegated,
  • Thyme, creeping(T.serphyllum)-P, S to 3", darling ground cover,red, pink, or white "Mother of thyme"
  • Thyme, wooly(T. pseudolanuginosus)-P, S to 3", small wooly leaves, very attractive, ground cover
  • Valerian (Valeriana off.)-P, S, to 4', Fragrant white flowers, medicinal root,
  • Vicks Plant (Plectranthus)-TP,S to1', vapor rub odor, moth repellent, houseplant, or as a steam
  • Sweet Woodruff (Galium odoratum)-P,SH to 8", pretty shade ground cover, May wine,dries fragrant

  • ALL PLANTS ARE $3.50 UNLESS PRICED OTHERWISE. CODE-P-Perennial, A-Annual, B-Biennial, TP-Tender Perennial S-Sun, SSH-Semi-Shade, SH-Shade

  • Price: $0.00 

    Saffron Crocus Bulbs - Product Image
    Click for larger image

    Saffron Crocus Bulbs

    These fall blooming bulbs will provide you with a nice supply of fresh saffron seasoning to use in rice, chicken, cabbage and corn soup dishes. Plant in the fall they will bloom grass like in the spring and then come up with a purple crocus flower in the fall. A fun addition to the garden. They come with complete instructions. Price is for 24 bulbs. These are shipped in late August until supplies run out (late November).
    Price: $14.00 

    Saffron Crocus Bulbs/Corms - Product Image
    Click for larger image

    Saffron Crocus Bulbs/Corms

    Plant these bulbs in the fall to have a rich harvest of the saffron seasoning the following fall. Use saffron in chicken, rice and cabbage dishes. Easy to grow it blooms a beautiful fall crocus in late November. Price is for 50 bulbs. These will be shipped in late August until supplies run out (late November).
    Price: $25.00 

    HERB SEEDS from Renee's Garden - Product Image
    Click for larger image

    HERB SEEDS from Renee's Garden

    We are proud to carry all of Renee's Garden Herb Seeds and many of the heirloom vegetable and flower seeds as well. The seeds are organic and not genetically modified in any way. The packaging is so pretty you could frame them. We will also include our handout on tips for starting herb seeds indoors. In the herb section pay particular attention to the "Slow Bolt Cilantro" which doesn't go to seed as rapidly as other cilantros. We also have over 5 varieties of Basil seeds and Lavender seeds!. Seed selection is best in January through April.
    Price: $3.00 
    Herb Seeds  

    VEGGIE SEEDS from Renee's Garden - Product Image
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    VEGGIE SEEDS from Renee's Garden

    We carry many of the Vegetable seeds that are designed to be container grown. They blend in so nicely with the herb gardens, in the ground or in the container. There are a variety of lettuces, chard, beans, radishes, carrots and more. Renee's Garden Seeds are a top quality seed that germinates well and is not treated in any way. The packaging is informative and attractive. Seed selections are best January through April.
    Price: $3.00 
    Veggie Seeds  

    FLOWER SEEDS by Renee's Garden - Product Image
    Click for larger image

    FLOWER SEEDS by Renee's Garden

    Every herb garden can use a few flowers! We carry some of the old fashioned Nasturtiums, Sweet Pea, Calendula, Runner Beans, Cosmos and a Sweet Pixie Zinnia. Renee's Garden Seeds are a quality brand with lovely and informative packaging and an excellant germination rate. We are proud to carry them at The Rosemary House. Seed Selection is best from January through April.
    Price: $3.00 
    Flower Seeds  

    Moskito Shocker Geranium - Product Image
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    Moskito Shocker Geranium

    We only ship plants to Pennyslvania and in May only

    This Moskito Shocker Scented Geranium has small pink flowers and is vary lemony scented.  Grows well in a patio planter, in full or part sun.  Once established water weekly.  The high essential oil content will help to repel the mosquitos.  Take a leaf and rub on arms, neck or legs.  Not for food use. 

    We only ship plants to Pennyslvania and in May only 

    Price: $7.50