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Herbalist Extraordinaire, Internationally known writer and lecturer, Bertha Reppert. Founder of The Rosemary House, you will think she is speaking directly to you when you read her books. The Bible of the Herb Industry is "Growing Your Herb Business" by Bertha Reppert.  We have a few rare signed copies of her books left, call for pricing on them. Bertha passed to garden in Heaven in June of 1999.

Growing Your Herb Business - Product Image
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Growing Your Herb Business

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? This is the book you need. Hints, Tips, Facts, Ideas plus success stories from many herb Businesses.
Price: $16.95 

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An Elder Gathering Ebook

This download is chock a block full of information on Elder. Written by a group of long-time friends and featuring all their favorite uses for elder flowers and berries. Learn about growing, harvesting, preserving, making medicine, delicious dishes and tantalizing teas all using this very versatile native plant. And even a few uses for leaves and wood! Over 30 recipes, remedies and crafts are included, along with light-hearted folklore and good lots of pictures to help you identify Elder. We're certain that soon you'll love the Elder as much as we do, and will be finding a place for one (or more) in your yard or garden. 40 pages, 8 1/2 x 5 1/2. $ 5.00 NOW available as a print book $7.50 Elder is the Herb of the Year for 2013! Written by Michele Brown, Susanna Reppert Brill, Susan Hess, Betty Pillsbury, Tina Sams and Maryanne Schwartz
Price: $5.00