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Mortar and Pestal - Product Image
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Mortar and Pestal

Heavy Ceramic Mortar and Pestal in a variety of colors (Purchaser will be contacted before backorders are placed)
Price: $14.00 

Herbal Carpet Stuff - Product Image
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Herbal Carpet Stuff

15oz. Sprinkle on the carpet for 15 minutes and vacuum. It contains flea repelling herbs in it. You can use it in your car too.
Price: $6.50 
Herbal Carpet Stuff  

Catnip bags - Product Image
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Catnip bags

Pamper your cat with our fresh, organic catnip toys.
Price: $3.25 

Pussy's Perfect Treat - Product Image
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Pussy's Perfect Treat

Does your cat like to chew on fresh greens? Grow these special plants for your kitty.
Price: $3.00 


Tin Nutmeg Graters

This charming nutmeg graters are a favorite of ours. You can't beat the flavor of fresh grated nutmeg on pies, puddings or vanilla ice cream. Tied with a nutmeg and a perky bow. This is a fun and practical stocking stuffer.
Price: $5.75 

White Ceramic Mortar and Pestle - Product Image
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White Ceramic Mortar and Pestle

Classic style of mortar and pestle. Well made, easy to clean. Grind anything from aspirin, to rosemary to cardamom. Three sizes small, medium or large or get a set of all three.
Price: $0.00 

Lancaster County Soaps - Product Image
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Lancaster County Soaps

These soaps are locally made in neighboring Lancaster county by a soap crafter who cares about quality. Coconut, Soy, ethically harvested Palm and Olive oils are used as the base of the soap. They are all about 4 ounces - 2 x 3 x 1.25". Our soaps are all vegetable, vegan friendly - Soaps marked EO are scented with essential oils only. These soaps are wonderful on your skin and last a long time in the shower. You will be pleased. Our best seller is the all natural Rosemary made with EO and no dyes, followed by Patchouli also all natural, there is also Lavender, Patchouli Rose, Green Tea, Aunties Tea Tree, Lemon Tree, Charcoal Detox.  We've just recieved word this talented soaper is retiring.  Stock up while you can!!
Price: $6.00 

DreamMints,  Mint Molds - Product Image
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DreamMints, Mint Molds

We have been selling this fun little molds since 1969! Use them to make cream cheese candies or to mold sugar cubes or more! Who says incense needs to be cone shaped? Use these molds for that too, or soap making or mini bath fizzes, lots of clever ideas for these molds. Each mold comes with a recipe to make the cream cheese and confectioners sugar candies and other culinary delights. Use this with the flavoring oils we have available. These are being discontinued. Stock up now!

Choose from:

CLOSE OUT Packages -- We have made packages of 6 molds.  Each package includes the Daisy (also doubles as a Sunflower), the Apple Blossom (very cute as a poinsettia too), the Parasol (perfect for Showers) and the Bell (for Weddings or Christmas).  Plus it will include 2 additional surprise molds and recipes for the candies.   We have 24 packages and then the era of Mint Molds will have come to a close.  

Price: $5.25 

Herbal Majikal Series - Product Image
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Herbal Majikal Series

Herbs have been use for blessings, and magic for thousands of years. We have created a fun series that features some of the herbs attached to a descriptive label. Some of the herbs are burned as incense, others are carried, still others are placed in the corners of the room. Fun gift! Use these to tuck in the envelope of a birthday card or as a little stocking stuffer! Only $2.25 each!

 Angelica - powerful guardian

Balm of Gilead - a great comforter

Rice - for prosperity and happiness

Galangal - for protection

Frankincense - spiritual

Slippery Elm - protection from gossip

High John the Conqueror - commanding money

Roses - love, love, love

Lucky hands -

Senna pods - love attractor

Dragons Blood -

Mojo Bean - for prayers to be heard

Grains of Paradise - spiritual meditation

Sassafras - money matters

Licorice - control

Ginger - heats up your request

Lavender - luck to love

Price: $2.25