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Rosemary's Blends, Dips and Dressings - Product Image
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Rosemary's Blends, Dips and Dressings

Try any or all of these wonderful 13 blends. Some of the best sellers are the "French style" Garlic Cheese Spread and the Amazing Dill Dip.

$5.50 each or mix and match - 4 packs for $20.00.
CAJUN FLAVORS - Spicy New Orleans creamy dip or spread also with recipes for blackened fish or steak.
AMAZING DILL DIP-We have made it for years a classic. Includes recipes for skinny dip, too
TARRAGON LOVERS - A classic rich topping for seafood-vegetables-etc OR use to make a tart dip or seafood sauce
GARLIC CHEESE SPREAD ( BOURSIN) -Our best seller a garlic lover's treat! Makes 4+ recipes!Additional recipes include a delicious Ranch Dressing
ULTIMATE GARLIC HERBS - for the garlic lovers subtle herbs round out the flavor -- use for garlic bread or as a garlic salad dressing
CREATIVE CURRY DIP - A wonderful vegetable dip or a sweet and delicious salad dressing
OLE FIESTA PARTY BLEND - Make a cheesy warm dip or a creamy cool one. Or use as a mild, salsa, chunky and delicious. Makes the best Chili, too, Great flavors!
GRAMMIES FAVORITE SPICE COOKIES - Soft Delicious cookies that we've won top prizes for, or use to make a soft gingerbread cookie, A classic!
ORIENTAL SESAME SEASONING MIX - An all natural shake & bake perfect for all light meats. A wonderful salad crunch too! A shortcut to Japanese style grilling as well
SAVORY HERBAL SALAD MIX- chunky vinaigrette a favorite with our tearoom or use for our famous and easy potato salad
HOT COUNTRY MUSTARD - a favorite with the fellows. HOT! Recipes also included for a spicy mustard glaze, BBQ or just to dip!
MULLING SPICES - for making spiced wine or cider. This mix can also be used as a nice simmer scent.
FABOULOUS PARTY DIP HERBS - Makes up a seafood or spinach dip. OR make a low fat option OR use as a topping for salads or baked potatoes! This is just wonderful!

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Fruit Shrubs - Product Image
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Fruit Shrubs

Fruit Shrub is a Colonial method of preserving the fresh fruit flavors in vinegar. They are very tasty and mix well with white wine or sparkling water for a fresh and refreshing beverage. We also like to sprinkle them on salads, so tasty you won't need to use and oil with them. Made in Pennsylvania by Tait Farm. They come in 7 flavors, Raspberry (most popular), Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Cranberry (delightful at the Holidays), strawberry and ginger (perfect for upset tummies).
Price: $10.25