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I LOVE TEA stickers

Super Cute little sticker book with images of hot tea, iced tea and tea desserts.  Fun for decorating scrapbooks or name tags. 
Price: $2.00 



 Gift Certificates are a lovely way to give the joy and experience of The Rosemary House.  Our gift certificates may be used for items in the herb and tea shop, or for classes and events.  They never expire and they do not need to be used up all at once.  We will mail you an actual certificate.  If you want us to fill in the T0: and FROM: portion of the certificate we are happy to do so -- Please fill in that information in the comments section of the ordering.   
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Gift Certificate  

Happy Camper Soap - Product Image
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Happy Camper Soap

This old-fashioned style soap is made with fresh ingredients including jewelweed and plantain, essential oils, kaolin clay and beewax.  It will help to dry the poison ivy rash.  It is made in Lancaster County, PA and has a pleasant fragrance.  We use it immediately when we come in from tromping in the woods to remove any poison ivy oils that may be on our skin.  We also wash with it after a day of heavy weeding to soothe our skin.  And of course once the rash reveals itself we wash with this soap and suppliment with Hiker's Releaf.  
Price: $6.00