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The Rosemary House Brand of Herbal Tinctures

The Rosemary House Brand of Herbal Tinctures

All herbs are wildcrafted, certified organic or cultivated without chemicals. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, condition or symptom. Personal directions and use should be provided by clinical herbalist or other qualified healthcare practitioner. Serving size is based on 150 pound person. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not evaluated this product and no daily allowance/value has been established.

  • Alfalfa - For bone issues, bone loss, broken bones, nutritious, has isoflavones, estrogen amphoteric.
  • Angelica - Warming bitter, good for digestion, emmenagogue good for fertility and FRS issues.
  • Artichoke - good for sluggish liver with poor fat metabolism, bitter herb, help ateriolschlerosis.
  • Ashwugandha - Calming adaptogen, helps body deal with stress but not stimulating, increases libido.
  • Astragalus - Good for frequent colds & flu, immune amphoteric, noninsulin diabetes, chronic fatigue.
  • Asparagus Root - Moistening, sister to Shatavari, good for dry mouth, throat, cough, vaginal dryness
  • Atractylodes - Low grade diarrhea, bloating, edema, maintains good digestion, pain caused by weather
  • Basil - Antiviral, antidepressent, clears thinking, carminative
  • Bitters-Formula - Great for digestive function, take before meals to jump start GI system.
  • Black Cohosh - Pain in muscles, FRS issues, pain in uterus, depression during PMS & menopause.
  • Blue Cohosh - Ovarian pain, inflammation of small joints, good for FRS issues, partus preparator
  • Blue Vervain - Good for FRS associated with NS issues, such as anxiety, irritability, good for spasms.
  • Boneset - Cold or Flu with aches and pains in joints and bone, fever, good for chicken pox & measles.
  • Burdock Root - Lymph congestion, hot and tender lymph nodes, used in cancer formulas.
  • Burdock Seed - Itchy, scratchy or scaly skin, redness in throat.
  • Catnip - Calms digestive tract, IBS, stress related GI issues, colds and fever in kids.
  • Cayenne - Good for impaired circulation, used topically as pain reliever or muscle relaxant.
  • Chaga - Cancer, stimulate deep immune system.
  • Calendula - Skin or mucus membrane inflammation, infection or degeneration, good for eyes.
  • Chamomile or Camomile (German) - Calms stomach, good for kids with flu or irritability, relaxing.
  • Chaparral - Congested lymph system, cancer, stagnant liver, antifungal topically.
  • Chaste Tree - FRS issues, associated with high or normal estrogen & low progesterone levels.
  • Chrysanthemum - Heat prostration, stiff or painful neck, angina, hypertension.
  • Cinnamon (not Ceylon) - cold hands, feet or skin, chills no sweating, circulation tonic, carminative.
  • Cleavers - Irritation of the UT, lymph swelling under jaw, acne, eczema, swollen glands.
  • Codonopsis (Dang Shen) - deficiency or fatique, depleted or exhausted, immune potentiating.
  • Coptis - Great for infection, analogue to Golden Seal.
  • Corn Silk - Good for infection or irritation of the UT such as cystitis.
  • Dan Shen - Strongly increase micro circulation, FRS herb, good for heart with Dang Qui.
  • Dang Qui - FRS herb, fibroids, cysts, removes stagnation, good for menopausal symptomology.
  • Dandelion Leaf - Great diuretic, good for hypertension, nutritious, potassium rich.
  • Dandelion Root - Great liver herb, bitter so stimulates digestive process, helps with blood sugars.
  • Echinacea - Stop or lessen symptoms of infection, clears blood, traditionally used for bites.
  • Elder Flower - Antiviral, colds and flu, great kids remedy, topically soothing to skin.
  • Elder Berry - Antiviral, colds and flu, great source of OPC to strengthen vessel integrity.
  • Elecampane - Persistent cough, pnuemonia, lung and respiratory infections, anti-amebic.
  • Fennel Seed - Carminative great for gas, give to mom to increase milk flow & reduce colic.
  • Fenugreek - Non insulin dependent diabetes, warming bitter, IBS, gas, reduces GI irritation.
  • Feverfew - Headaches & migraines with pressure out or up, behind eyes, get better with cold.
  • Fu Zheng-Formula - For Cancer and chemotherapy/radiation therapy to reduce side effects.
  • Ganoderma-(Reishi) - Immune balancing, cancer & deficient conditions & with autoimmune.
  • Gentian - Great bitter herb, good for whole digestive tract, normalize blood sugar.
  • Ginkgo - For memory, circulation, peripheral problems nerve & circulation, Altzhiemers.
  • Ginger- For nausea, motion sickness, travelers sickness, increase circulation, warming.
  • Ginseng-Siberian - Increase energy, physical stamina, reduces recovery time after exertion.
  • Goldenrod- UT infection, cystitis, diuretic, arthritis, gout, toxic blood conditions.
  • Gotu Kola - For clear thinking and memory, good for skin and inflammatory conditions.
  • Hawthorn - Food for the heart any heart or circulation problem, increase vascular integrity.
  • He Shou Wu-(Polygonium) - For kidney, reproductive system issues, tendons and joints.
  • Honeysuckle - hot, high fever conditions such as UT infection, Strep, Colds and Flu.
  • Hops - Nervousness, sedative, anxiety, insomnia, spasm, sexual tension.
  • Horsetail - Nutritive, combine with nettles & alfalfa.
  • Kava - FM with Black Cohosh and Ashwugandha, UT pain, anxiety, tension & spasm.
  • Kudzu - For recovering alcoholics, heart disease, stops diarrhea, diabetes.
  • Lemon Balm - Antidepressant, antiviral, good for kids calms stomach and GI upset.
  • Licorice - Moistening good for ulcers, immune balancing, FRS issues. Harmonizes
  • Lobelia - cough, hiccups, antispasmodic, nicotine addiction reduces cravings.
  • Marshmallow - For dry conditions of skin, GI, mouth, throat, bulk laxative & binds toxins.
  • Meadowsweet - Herbal Aspirin, Pain reliever, Anti-inflammatory, GI upset with excess HCL
  • Milk Thistle - Great Liver herb, restores damage from pollutants, virus, drug or alcohol.
  • Motherwort - Panic & anxiety, FRS issues such as PMS and menopause, good for heart
  • Nettle Leaf - Nutritive for kidney, blood, lung & liver, for bones with alfalfa & horsetail.
  • Nettle Seed - Repairs function and structure to damaged kidneys, renal failure, diuretic.
  • Oats fresh tops - great nerve food any nervous system issue & those who are always going.
  • Orange Peel - Increase HCL production in stomach, carminative reduces gas and diarrhea.
  • Oregon Grape - use for liver congestion not damage, antibacterial, antifungal, alterative
  • Peppermint - Great kids herb, tastes good, mild use for upset stomach, flu, IBS and gas.
  • Prickly Ash - stimulates circulation, for cold hands and feet, external use for sprain & strains.
  • Red Clover - increase lymphatic drainage, used in cancer, for FRS conditions has isoflavones.
  • Red Raspberry - Uterine tonic use in pregnancy and post delivery, or in prolapsed conditions.
  • Rosemary - Great antioxidant combine with Sage, carminative, stimulate thinking, memory.
  • Rosemary's Relaxing - Formula for sleep and relaxation.
  • Sage - Good for sore throat, Strep, reduces secretions, saliva, sweat, mucus, Antioxidant.
  • Saint Johnswort - Mild to mod depression, nerve injury, trauma & pain, nerve food, antiviral.
  • Saw Palmetto - good for BPH, reproductive tonic for men and women, for depleted person.
  • Scullcap/Skullcap - Antispasmodic, relaxing, reduces ticks, tremors and restlessness.
  • Schizandra - Anti-inflammatory, good for NS, antihepatotoxin combine with Turmeric.
  • Siberian Ginseng - Increase energy, physical stamina, reduces recovery time after exertion.
  • Spilanthes - Antiseptic, pain and infection reliever to teeth, tongue mouth, gum & throat.
  • Teasel - Good for strains, sprains, aching and stiff joints, weak joints, some FRS issues.
  • Turmeric - Good systemic anti-inflammatory, great liver herb, helps function.
  • Usnea - Lung infections, Strep, Staph, TB, Strong antifungal, good for spasm of colon.
  • Vitex - Chaste Tree for Female Reproductive System to balance hormones 
  • Valerian Root - insomnia, good for withdrawal from addiction, reduces spasms.
  • Wild Yam Root - Menstrual cramps, nausea, GI upset, gas, bloating, female reproductive.
  • Yarrow Leaf and Flower - controls bleeding, use to raise body temp to fight colds and flu.
  • Yellow Dock Root - for oozing skin conditions i.e. eczema & used as an alterative for cancer.

    FRS - Female Reproductive System
    GI - Gastrointestinal
    HCL- Hydrochloric Acid
    NS - Nervous system
    OPC- Oligio Proanthocyandins
    PMS - Premenstrual Syndrome
    TB - Tuberculosis
    UT - Urinary Tract

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